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Arachidonic Acid – More Muscle. No Side Effects

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On your journey to sculpt the ultimate physique, you have a lot of different options to assist you with the process. On one end of the spectrum you have things that are extremely safe but only mildly effective, such as creatine and protein powder. On the other end of the spectrum you have things that are extremely effective, but there is also a substantial risk for side effects, not to mention legality issues.

Arachidonic acid is somewhere in the middle. Still very safe and obviously legal to purchase, but way more powerful than anything you can buy at your typical brick and mortar supplement store.

SLIN was formulated for one simple reason, to put Carbs into Muscle. SLIN is a unique insulin mimetic that shuttles the carbs you eat into your muscles, instead of being stored as fat! But to truly understand how SLIN works its magic, you must first understand the very important and key hormone we are working to optimize, Insulin.

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